SIG Ship Hydrodynamics/ Validation test cases

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1 Mathematical hull form: Wigley Hull

The test case The validation report for this project is at [1]

2 Surface-piercing NACA 0024 foil

3 Naval Combatant: Model 5415


5 Container Ship: KCS

6 DTMB Propellers: P4119, P5168

7 INSEAN Propellers: E779A

8 Container ship: Series 60:

Test case (to be run with LTSInterFoam available in OF-2.0): Series60. Here you can find an initial analysis of OF (1.6-ext, 1.7) runs on such test case (by master thesis student Davide Cont), compared with experimental data and CFX simulations, whose documentation can be found here(sorry, it is in italian...).