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Here you can add links to suitable turbulence validation cases for OpenFOAM. You can also add links to full OpenFOAM cases.

1 Validation cases

1.1 Channel FLow

A good description of the case is on [1]; in addition to results of the mentioned DNS databases, there are results of Code Saturne calculations using quite interesting RANS models.
This thest case correspond at the channelOodles tutorial (with a shorter geometry). Details of this geometry and comparaison of parameters such as mesh, turbulence model can be found in Eugene De Villier Ph'D ( and then Students and Ph'D thesis )
Notice that the postChannel tool give directly mean and statistics of the geometry.

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1.2 Ercoftac SIG 15 Test Cases


  • 2D Wall Jet
  • 2D Diffuser


1.4 Full OpenFOAM validation test cases

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